Erin M.

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Erin M.
Teacher Assistant

Taking care of “the Littles” all started for Erin with her baby brother. She was just 7 when she discovered childcare! Soon Erin was caring for children in her neighborhood including the 2 toddlers who lived next door. Their mom told her to “just play with them and to have fun myself.” And Erin did! Erin still loves the sense of wonder, the enthusiasm, and the excitement of discovery in young children. They taught her to slow down and be present for sparkling rain drops, moving leaves, bits of twig, and wiggling worms.

In college Erin dove into Early Childhood Education, took classes in Child Development, and got a Degree in Child Psychology. She taught preschool children, ran an after-school program for 72 (otherwise) latchkey kids (K-6), and for 8 years was an “in-home” respite care provider for infants and toddlers. And Erin had her own 2 boys, who are still her best teachers!

It continues to be Erin’s joy to introduce the world at its blooming, buzzing best! Think tigers, the sound of hummingbirds, the smell of bread, and the colors in rocks. She hopes to instill a respect for all life forms, and a sense of stewardship for this precarious world we inhabit.