Hai P.

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Hai P.
Teacher Assistant & Floater

Hai Duy Pham has had many experiences working with young children before joining St. Mark’s School. He was an elementary teacher since 1984 in Vietnam. He taught children from kindergarten through 5th grade there. Hai loved working with the students. They had time to play soccer and volleyball and also swam in the ocean, camped, and fished in the summer. They went to the countryside to learn about natural life. Hai also volunteered in Youth With a Mission Primary School in Thailand as a supervisor.

When Hai came to the United States he started back to school. First, he worked on his English then took courses including Early Childhood Education. He completed his major in June 2004. To get more experience Hai volunteered in several programs including St. Therese Parish Preschool, Green Elementary School, and Head Start Skill Center as an Assistant Teacher.

Hai really enjoys his family. He met his wife in college. Her name is Loan. They were married in 1997. She is a supervisor for quality control in a medical supply company for the hospital. In 1999 they welcomed their son, Hung. Hung is currently attending Clairemont High School.

Hai has a good time working with the students and staff at St. Mark’s School. He tries hard to do the best for the students as he would for his own son. Hai learns from them as well. Students have taught him many things: to be patient, understanding, loving, caring, attentive, creative, and more.

Hai’s time at St. Mark’s School makes him remember when he was a teacher in his country. He is very happy and has been learning a lot. Hai wants to thank the staff at St. Mark’s School. They have given him a chance to work with children, learn from them, and be successful in his career. He looks forward to knowing the parents as well.